CNC Milling Machine JM 1325 (CNC Router)

Specification :

  • Machine Bed Size : 4 x 8 feet (Customize)
  • Z Axis : 200 mm (Customize)
  • 5 kw Spindle (Air/Water Cooled)
  • Hiwin Rail Guide
  • Helical Rack and Pinion (X and Y Axis)
  • Z Axis Taiwan Ball Screw
  • Computer System and Panel
  • Description



    About JAK Machinery : CNC router Manufacturer and supplier

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    About CNC Router

    CNC router (Or Computer Numerical Control router) is a computer-controlled cutting machine related to the hand held router used for cutting various hard materials, such as wood, composites, aluminium, steel, plastics, and foams. A CNC router can be used in the production of many different items, such as door carvings, interior and exterior decorations, wood panels, sign boards, wooden frames, moldings, musical instruments, furniture, and so on.



    • Long service life
    • Easy to operate
    • Minimum maintenance


    • Solid Steel Frame construction thicken to 6mm
    • Excellent parts: imported linear rails, imported german ball screw high precision, high speed air-cooling
    • Spindle, high-precision bearing which has low noise an d long life
    • Convenient Operation: nc studio control system.
    • Excellent Performance: our router has the features of reserving after stop and the power failure may be restored.
    • Compatible Software: It is compatible with type3 / art cam / U can and other kinds of cad / cam design software.
    • Perfect Oil Lubrication system, Extended the life of the machine.

    JM 1325 series is economic-type machine, and is suitable for customer who are in a certain scale of production and in the early stages of development. The machine can crave wooden doors, cabinets, wave plates, badges, sings and other light carvings.

    Application Industries:

    • Application to process on advertising plates, acrylic, plastic, sucking mould and wood products in high efficiency.
    • Furniture decoration industry: A large area flat plate engraving, wood, panel furniture carving, wood art murals, wood
    • Cabinet doors carving.
    • Wood products processing: Sewing machine table, Electrical Counter table, sports equipment.
    • Musical Instrument Industry: Instrument three-dismensional surface engraving, shape cutting.
    • Artwork: Photo frame, jewelry box etc.
    • Electronic Industry: Circuit board, insulation material, led display screen.


    Model JM 1325 
    Working Area 1300 x 2500 x 200mm
    Spindle Motor                    4.5 KW Air Cooling Spindle
    (Optional : 3.5/ 5.5/ 6 KW Air Cooling / water cooling Spindle)
    Working Accuracy 0.03/300mm
    Spindle Speed 0-18000rpm/min
    MAX Travelling Speed 30000mm/min
    MAX Working Speed 20000mm/min
    Working Voltage AC 380V/50Hz AC 380V/60Hz
    Command Code HPGL, G Code
    X,Y,Z, Structure X, Y-Rack Z-Ball Screw with high precision ball screw – taiwan
    X,Y, Resolution <0.01mm
    Net Weight/Gross Weight 1000 kg/1100 kg
    Packing Size 3150*2150*1850mm


    Applicable Cutting Material:

    Acryclic, Wood, MDF, ACP, Systhetic stone (artificial marble) Sandwich Plastic Sheet, Aluminium, Brass etc.

    CNC Router Machine JM Mill 1325