JM 900 Cubic 3D Printer


India’s Largest 3D Printer JM 900 Cubic 3D Printer. Make three dimensional solid objects of any shape from a digital model. As the Name Suggest ‘JM 900’ you can create as big as 710 x 720 x 910 mm (roughly around one meter cube) Still Most compact body of overall Machine.
Inbuilt Power Failure Protection, Filament Sensor, Platform Calibration free machine and many other features makes the Machine most reliable and The Machine is Fully Automatic, Fully closed and highly stable metal body, specially use in many industries like Rapid prototyping, die and Mold making, Education and Research,  Artistic Object Making, Medical, Architectural and Many more.

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  • Description




    • 710 x 720 x 910 mm Total Print Area
    • Highly Accurate : 100 micron layer Height
    • Supper Solid , Stable, Reliable,  Iron body
    • HIWIN Taiwan linear Guide
    • Power Failure Protection is inbuilt.
    • USB & SD Support, removable extruder, internal LED
    • On board reset switch
    • Heated Bed,
    • Leveling Free Machine – No need to do bed leveling



    • Big size 3D Printer : 710 x 720 x 910 mm total build size
    • Highly Accurate : 100 micron layer Height
    • In Built Power Failure Protection . click here to know more
    • Filament Sensor : Automatic pause if filament get finished – learn more
    • High Torque extruder
    • Cable chain
    • Spool Holder
    • All Metal Hotend
    • Easy bed Leveling
    • Internal LED, Power switch
    • On board Reset Switch
    • Supper Solid : Iron body , Aluminium composite Chassis
    • Extruder Two in one Fan
    • Ready to use : fully assembled



    Build Volume

    710 L x 720 W x 910 H mm

    Layer Resolution Height

    100 microns to 400 microns (set before printing in softwere)

    Compatible Material for printing

    PLA, ABS, HIPS, Nylon, Composites, PVA

    Positioning Precision XY – Axes

    11 microns

    Positioning Precision Z – Axis

    10 microns

    Printing Speed

    30-150 mm per sec

    Filament Diameter

    1.75 mm

    Nozzle Diameter

    0.4 mm / 0.8 mm



    File Types

    .stl, Gcode


    Windows (XP/7/8/8.1),


    Linux (Ubuntu 10.04+),


    Mac OS X (10.7/10.8)



    Machine Size

    1420 L x 810 W x 1320 H mm

    Machine Weight

    110 kg

    Ambient Operating Temperature

    30° – 45° C



    AC Input

    110– 220 V, ~ 4 amps, 50 – 60 Hz


    USB, SD card





    3D Printed big Object explained


    Service/ Customer Support/ Technical support

    • We provide pre sale and after sale support.
    • For urgent inquiry : +91 8469706950