JM LaserJet 1390

  • Description



    Applications :

    Architecture and Model Making
    Art ans Sculpture
    Branding and Marketing Display and Name plate, Signage
    Textile and Fabrics
    Furniture and Interior Design
    Plastic, Acrylic Cutting and engraving
    Wood-plywood, Veneer Cutting & engraving
    Paper, Sticker, Stencils cutting and etching
    Product Based – Clock, Wall Art etc

    Easy To use

    You can create the design using any 2D Cad software like AutoCad, CorelDRAW, TurboCAD, Inkscap etc. Then Configure the lesser cutting setting like cutting speed and laser power depending on any non-material you want to cut/engrave.  Once parameter configured, just load the file in the machine using pen drive or directly via USB from computer. Select the origin from control panel and press play button. You may pause / resume anytime in between machine running. Machine can also resume even after unexpected power cut.


    Machine Specification


    JM 4060

    JM 6090

    JM 1390

    JM 1610

    Working Area





    Laser Power

    40w / 80w / 100w /130w

    Laser Type

    CO2sealed laser tube , 10.6 µ m

    Cooling Type

    Water cooling

    Engraving Speed

    0 – 60000mm/min

    Cutting Speed

    0 – 40000mm/min

    Min. Engraving Size

    English Letter 1*1mm

    Controlling Software

    DSP control system

    Graphic format Supported


    Compatible Software

    Coreldraw, Autocad,etc

    Color Separation


    Drive System

    Precision single Phase Steeper Motor

    Auxiliary Equipments

    Exhaust fan and Airexhaust pipe

    Working Temperature

    0 – 45o C

    Working Humidity

    5 – 95 %

    Bed Structure

    Honey comb / Knives


    Pendrive / USB cable

    Features :

    • High Speed Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine adopts the new high-efficiency laser tube, the laser beam is more stable than the traditional type.
    • The imported linear guide rail. High precision step motor to assure cutting incision more smoothly.
    • Advanced DSP control system, professional motion control chip, consecutive high speed curve cutting and shortest path selection function improve the working efficiency a lot.
    • Engraving speed and precision can be up to leading level in india.
    • Design software of CAD, CORELDRAW,PHOTOSHOP are all supported for friendly human computer interface and demand of the industries on-the-spot.
    • It is mainly used for processing crafts and gifts such as engraving on wooden boards, acrylic and double – color boards.