• Description


    JM MILL 500 – JAK Machinery Milling machine Area 500 mm

    Special Machine for multi purpose work like PCB milling and drilling, Acrylic, wood, Corien, MDF cutting and engraving, etc. The machine give 0.001 mm position accuracy perfect for precision work like very near electronics circuit track isolation on copper plate. The Machine fully closed with internal lights , double doors,  collects dust and residuals at bottom tray of the machine. The Machine use industrial 3.5 KW spindle easily cut many non metal materials upto 150 mm thickness as per CAD Design with high precision. Single phase enables to use in House/Office using 220 V plug.

    Model JM MILL 500
    Working Area 500 x 500 x 150mm
    Spindle Motor 3.5 KW Air Cooling Spindle
    Working Accuracy 0.001
    Spindle Speed 0-18000rpm/min
    MAX Travelling Speed 30000mm/min
    MAX Working Speed 20000mm/min
    Working Voltage Single Phase
    Command Code G Code
    X,Y,Z, Structure X, Y, Z Ball Screw
    X,Y, Resolution <0.01mm
    Net Weight 200 kg
    Packing Size


    Applicable Cutting Material:

    Acryclic, Wood, MDF, ACP, Systhetic stone (artificial marble) Sandwich Plastic Sheet,

    Coper PCB track isolation, plotting , drilling, engraving, cutting, marking, etc