Prusa Plus 210x210x310


Main Feature

Build Volume:- 210 L x 210 W x 300 H mm
Layer Resolution Height:- 100 to 400 microns
Number Extruder:- 1
Machine Size:- 440L x 570W x 570 H mm
Machine Weight:- 11Kg
Power Consumption :-240V,50-60 H’Z,200W
Connectivity:- USB,SD
Filament Use:- 1.75mm
Nozzle Dia:- 0.4mm
Filament:- PLA,ABS,Composite
Print File Type:- Gcode,STL

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  • Description



    • Imported High quality Acrylic frame 
    • Even improved design of Prusa i3 rework for better strength
    • 8mm threaded rod instead of 5 mm for better performance and strength
    • replaced threaded rod with 12 mm acrylic support in Y assembly for higher stability
    • Combined smart LCD controller mount with X-Z assembly
    • Heated bed calibration also from the center of plate for perfect bed leveling, removing need of glass
    • Added Spool holding facility along with extra side support
    • Redesigned  the plastic parts for : Z upper, Y idler, Y motor, Extruder idler, X idler , X motor  
    • Guaranteed High quality accurate finished plastic parts
    • High quality (quality 304) Stainless Steel based smooth rods : 7.95 mm diameter , just perfect for LM8UU bearing
    • Highly smooth extrusion which gives professionally finished object (Sample pictures shown here are printed in this machine)   
    • Updated Ramp : Replace Mosfets with higher heat resistance, no need of fan for electronics 
    • Build Manual + Technical Support
    Specification :

    Printing Size 

    210mm X 210mm X 310mm

    Nozzle Diameter

      0.4 mm

    Filament Diameter

    1.75 mm

    Supported Filament

    ABS, PLA, PETG, Nylone, Composites, HIPS,PVA




    0.1 mm

    Machine weight 

    12 KG

    Run through

    SD Card , USB Cable

    Print Technology

    Fused Deposition Modeling 

    Assembled mechanical body : 

    a11  3d-printer-kit-complete-set-semi-assembeled-1-Kg-PLA-Filament

    3d-printer-kit-complete-set-semi-assembeled-1-Kg-PLA-Filament 3d-printer-kit-complete-set-semi-assembeled-1-Kg-PLA-Filament

    Direct Drive extruder 
    3d-printer-kit-complete-set-semi-assembeled-1-Kg-PLA-Filament 3d-printer-kit-complete-set-semi-assembeled-1-Kg-PLA-Filament
    1 KG High quality 3d printer PLA filament



    3d-printer-kit-complete-set-semi-assembeled-1-Kg-PLA-Filament 3d-printer-kit-complete-set-semi-assembeled-1-Kg-PLA-Filament

    Package includes (Everything required for one 3d printer)
    • Mechanical structure (Semi assembled : Can be fully assembled in less than 1 hour using manual we provide)
      • Y Assembly
      • X-Z Assembly
      • Extra side support
      • Spool Holder
    • Direct Drive Extruder (Fully Assembled) features :
    • Direct drive mechanism
    • All metal hotend
    • 0.4 mm nozzle

    • Electronics Parts
      • Arduino Mega 2560 (firmware installed)
      • High Quality Ramp 1.4 (improved Mosfet – Longer run capacity : We have tested till 48 hours continuously)
      • A4988 Drivers
      • Smart LCD controller with SD Card Support
      • X, Y , Z axis stepper motor
      • Endstops
      • Ramp Power Supply with all cables and plug (Assembled)
      • Heated bed with thermistor (assembled)
    • Memory Card (with inbuilt sample object design)
    • USB Cable
    • Spool Bearings (2 Pcs)
    • Software (via email)

      • Arduino Firmware Marlin- pre-installed
      • Printrun / Repetier
    • Manual (Via email)  :
       1 Day Easy Assembly Guideline  : Click Here

      • pdf with picture
      • video tutorial
      • We provide after sale support for make your printer successful.
    • Free 1 Kg PLA Filament (Grade A – Highest Quality : Lowest Tolerance)
      (White/ Black / Orange / Gold / Silver) You may send message about your favorite color.  

    Prusa Plus Live Demo Video

    Accurate movements & Professionally finished objects samples images

    3d-printer-kit-complete-set-semi-assembeled 3d-printer-kit-complete-set-semi-assembeled

    3d-printer-kit-complete-set-semi-assembeled 3d-printer-kit-complete-set-semi-assembeled

    3d-printer-kit-complete-set-semi-assembeled 3d-printer-kit-complete-set-semi-assembeled

    • The kits ready in stock : Lead time : Order Dispatched within 4-6 business days , Assuring  Highly secure packing
    • Delivered within 2-4 Business days usually after dispatched


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